Monday, 13 February 2012

Two trips to the Wye

12lb 4oz

For the last few weeks the roads have been dodgy to say the least and my Fiesta’s not the best car for driving around the isolated roads near Ross-on-Wye. However, last week I decided to chance my arm and get myself out to a new stretch of the river after the pike.
The weather was cold and sunny when I arrived and the river was quite clear, there was a bit of colour to it and it had fallen about a foot from the week before.
'Hot' spot

Last week I had both my takes on a moving bait. I had an 18 take my deadbait seconds after I’d cast out then I lost a mid-double twitching a bait, so my plan was to make my baits a bit more mobile. I’d fish sink-and-draw style until I found some fish, then give it a go for a while with deads.
This stretch had plenty of overhanging trees and marginal slacks to have a go at and it wasn’t long before I had my first take. Smash. A pike came out from under my feet; nicked my dead roach as by trace came swinging back. Cheeky Bastard.
It didn’t feel the hooks so I gave the spot a good hour but she must have been happy with her breakfast and didn’t fancy seconds.
The last swim on the beat was class. It features a salmon croy and a massive area of slack water. A wobbled roach snared a jack first cast and the next cast a bigger fish of 12lb 4oz took a liking to my Rapala Shad Rap. It was then that the snow started to fall heavily and I wasn’t going to risk getting snowed in.

This Saturday I decided to get myself back down to the river and fish a different stretch – Courtfield – a stretch that has produced fish up to 38lb plus in the past.
The river was a bit coloured due to snowmelt so the conditions weren’t the best. I fished deads in various spots throughout the day to no avail. The last hour got real cold so I started chucking a Storm soft plastic about. I couldn’t believe it when everything went solid and the line arrowed out into the middle of the flow and a fair fish steamed off downstream.
17lb 4oz
Eventually I got the fish in close and, as I often do, left my net miles away up the bank. I never learn! As I leaned down to chin the sizable pike disaster struck, the lure pinged back. Now what happened next I wouldn’t recommend to anyone but I really didn’t want to see the fish swim off, I’d have been gutted. So I decided to slide down the bank into the water (waist high), grab the fish and scramble back up. Not sure how I did it to be fair, and after the buzz of weighing and taking a few pics subsided I was frozen, literally.


  1. Hi, found your blog and followed.

    1. Thanks, you're now being followed :)

  2. Good bit of fishing mate and nice blog.

    1. Cheers fella. First season having a proper go at the river pike...loving it!

  3. But how beautiful are pike! Honestly ... yet so big pike, I see only in pictures!
    Congratulations from me.