Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kingsbury Water Park

With this mild weather taking a grip of the country it was a good time to get myself down to the local gravel pits at Kingsbury Water Park.
I decided to try out the ‘old’ specimen side as here was always good for a bite, even though I’ve never caught a fish over 12lbs from this side.

I took a lure rod and a float-fished deadbait rod. The idea was the chuck the deadbait out and fish lures around the area. First swim was right by the car park…I hate fishing ‘car park’ swims but this one always produces fish so I gave it a go, despite one bloke telling me, “you wont catch fish on dead fish mate, you need to use bait”.

Luckily I didn’t take his advice and soon my drifting roach was taken and a nice jack was soon in the net. More follows and lost fish came to the Eumer Pike fly (all jacks and one about 10lb). All the action came from this peg with nothing from all the other known spots.

Next day I was back but this time I made sure I fished spots that I hadn’t tried before. I decided to fish the 4-acre, horseshoe shaped lake. (furthest from the car park). A popped up herring tail was smashed out into the middle, which still had a thick carpet of weed on the bottom and the other rod was a float fished herring near some close-in snags. An hour passed and then the distance rod received a take, a spirited fight resulted in a scrapper double. Back out went the mackerel and 5 minutes later I had another take. This one felt bigger, it boiled at 40 yards and I could see it was a better fish…then it fell off…not having the best of look at the moment. I’m off to sharpen my hooks…

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  1. nice fish Rob well done. Always ignore the local advice!