Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Summer fly-fishing for pike and zander

This summer I really want to stay away from the carp and have a go for the tench and bream, but something that really interests me is targeting the Anglian reservoirs for their pike and zander…on the fly.

I fished them a lot last Autumn and Winter with soft plastics catching some decent numbers of fish but I‘m thinking it might be fun on the fly this summer.

Does anyone have any tips? I know Rutland would be the best option for zander bites with Grafham producing the bigger fish. Do these reservoir zander wander into shallow water during the summer?


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  1. We did a couple of days last year with the shads on Rutland, didnt catch that many but got our first ever zeds.
    Friends down that way have told us that they are caught on big trout lures in summer especially fishing rudder style or with fast sink lines. Still in the deeper bits during the day but also up against the reed beds in the evening.
    All are accidental captures though while fishing for trout.
    Would like to know how you get on in summer as although its a bit of a trek for us I quite fancy it.