Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Back in the game…

Well, it’s been over a year since I last wrote on here. I guess when your job is to write all day it takes a bit of effort to continue this is your own time. Anyhow, I’m back and looking forward to keeping you posted on my fishing exploits, especially as it seems I’m catching a few more fish nowadays (kiss of death there…)

For me pred season starts when the ‘rezzers’ open in early September and so far we’ve been out twice on Rutland. The place is full of zander so I’d strongly recommend getting a day booked and having a go. It’s a right laugh.

If you want to catch you will need a fish-finder. I was discussing with Steve Philips and Steve Collett and we think that if you drifted about without a fish-finder, with a bit of luck you might stumble upon 4/5 fish in a day. However with a fish spotter you can get silly numbers of Zeds…and I mean silly.
Typical Rutland zander. Special venue in 6/7 years.

First day out, myself and Mr Philips located an old pipe that was teeming with fish of all sizes. Either side of the pipe was desolate but if you could drop your softie in and around it it was harder not to catch. We ended up with 47 fish to the boat, a combination of mostly zander, a few pike and a perch.

Side-hooked with a big treble but she went home safe.
Mr Collett took the plunge to go out on a boat with me the second time around and we decided to go after the pike. Steve had one and I managed to catch an 8lb bream and a few zander. The bream was side hooked and felt just like a big girl for a few exciting minutes. One of the zeds was 7lb on the nose, which is the biggest I’ve had or seen by a few pounds. Has anyone had any bigger?

Thoughts now turn to the much tougher but ultimately more rewarding Grafham Water, which is being described to me as ‘proper fishing’ whatever that means…

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